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Kym Allen

Kym Allen is a San Bernardino native and grew up actively involved in Community Theater.  She exchanged the sweltering heat of the desert with cool ocean breezes in the fall of 2006 when she attended Loyola Marymount University.  She spent her four years pursuing a degree in Communication Studies and volunteering with the all-female organization, Gryphons Circle.  
Her love of service and travel brought her all over the world during her undergrad years,  including Spain and Guatemala, and upon her graduation she traveled down “to the edge of the world” to continue serving in Chile. Among learning a new language and a new culture, Kym also taught English, cultural workshops, and physical education to various rural elementary schools in Talca, Chile.  She was able to backpack all across South America including Brazil, Argentina, Ecuador, and Uruguay, before returning to the US in 2012 to serve two years hard time in the corporate world as a Manager of Marketing and
Communication.  In February 2014, Kym left the corporate world behind to pursue acting. 
SOFT TIMES is her first short film under
the direction of Ashunda Norris!

Damian Desiree

Damian grew up in the East New York section of Brooklyn. His family is from the nature island of Dominica, which gives him a strong connection with his West Indian culture but growing up in NY he also identifies with his urban surroundings.

He began acting in 2000 while studying at Baruch College. Upon graduation he studied at the American Conservatory Theatre's Summer intensive program. It was at ACT where Damian met trusted friend and adviser Brian Phillips who encouraged him to pursue his MFA with the Actor's Studio Drama School.

Damian has graduated and is now looking to take his career to the maximum heights, even beyond Hollywood.

Monét Ravenell

Monét Ravenell is an ambitious and creative actress, writer, musician from Baltimore, MD, currently residing in Los Angeles, CA. Monet got her start in entertainment, doing PR and working for various production companies behind the scenes. She soon realized, however, her dream was to be center stage, and transitioned into being an actress. Since her transition, Monét has found success working in numerous stage plays and independent films.

In her spare time, Monét enjoys honing her craft as a screenwriter and songwriter, performing with her belly dance troupe, and giving back
to the community, volunteering with Big Brothers and Big Sisters.

Monét hopes to shed light on the fact that women of color are bright, intelligent, dynamic women, with many points of view. There isn’t a one-size fits all approach for success in the business. Monét is enjoying her journey in the entertainment industry. She believes
her life purpose is to inspire others through her creativity, so that they, in turn, can live out their life purpose and pursue their passions as well. With so many talents under her belt, what else could this rising star possibly do? You’ll just have to stay tuned!

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